The Single, Central Place to Keep Your Records

Schools often have hundreds, even thousands, of students to keep track of. It can be a very cumbersome task to keep records on that many students. For many schools, you also have to keep track of a number of other things besides students including European Economic Area (EEA) checks, prohibition checks, Section 128 checks, List 99 checks, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, and many more. You can even request additional checks if you need to so you can follow the Department for Education (DFE) guidelines.

What Can it Do?

With single central record software, teachers, administrators, and administration heads will have one place to keep track of students and their records. It will also remind you to do the mandatory checks. Instead of a mere spreadsheet, there is an intuitive alert system in place to make sure that you stay on top of your records and checks. Bespoke systems are offered as well. Additional checks are available if necessary so you can have more time to educate your students with minimal distractions.

Why Should You Use it?

Managing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of children by hand leaves room for mistakes that could have a large impact on your reputation as a school. By keeping the records online and managed by a professional system, you can eliminate the risk of mistakes significantly.  By being compliant with Ofsted and ISI requirements and following “Keeping Children Safe in Education”, you can rest at ease knowing that your records are in the safest hands.