What College Has got the Greatest Enrollment?

In June The Occasions released The Truly Amazing College Guide 2009 which ranks the most effective Universities inside the Uk on such factors as student satisfaction, research quality, as well as the ratio between students and staff. Although some elements must be considered when deciding which institution to get, it happened in my opinion that most likely typically the most popular questions requested online concerns simply the quantity of students enrolling at our universities. The following discusses a range of the listed universities regarding Occasions rankings, combined with the volume of students enrolling.

Imperial College London. The finest ranking in the big city colleges, The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine has held its place at # 3 for the next year inside the Occasions rankings. Founded roughly a century ago, since the college switched 100 years there has been 13,410 students in general with 5,060 their studies at postgraduate level. The institution is found in South Kensington as well as the current acceptance rate of undergraduate admissions is 17.five percent.

College of Birmingham. According to the second most highly populated city in England, The College of Birmingham presently ranks the finest in line with the Occasions at number 25. When compared with Imperial students staff ratio is leaner but the intake of students is much greater. Around 06/07 the amount of scholars was 30,415 with 11,935 taking postgraduate studies. By 2008, the institution has separated into five colleges, each having its own specialism.

College of Kent. So to get the better student to staff ratio should you to register inside a smaller sized sized college? The increasing College of Kent follows this rule getting a ratio of 14.1 students per worker. The Higher Education Statistic Agency printed that for 2006 – 2007 there has been 11,660 students in general with 3,305 postgraduates enrolled. Although a somewhat youthful college, the institution may also be becoming highly considered with regards to online education.

College of Oxford. The finest ranking in line with the Occasions, the College of Oxford remains at # 1 for the next year. This recognition develops from a combination of an excellent student to staff ratio of 11.6 plus a high satisfaction percentage among students at 84 percent. From 2006 to 2007 there has been 19,070 students in general using more than another being postgraduates. Acceptance of scholars from condition schools around 2006 was 25 %.